PolyGel Nail Extensions

Applying nail extensions to a nail

Finny-Foo-Fars Beauty Box is proud to be a certified PolyGel Nail Technician.

Gelish “PolyGel” is ideal for all your Nail enhancements. Whether you are looking for a set of nail extensions or to give your natural nails extra strength then a “PolyGel” overlay is the thing for you.

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Not an acrylic, not a hard gel, PolyGel combines the best of both in a revolutionary all-in-one system that’s undeniably better! Unlike acrylics, PolyGel requires no monomer, no mixing, and LED cures on demand. Unlike hard gels, PolyGel applies fast & easy with no chasing or intense heat spike.

Lightest Product Ever
  • 23% lighter than acrylics; 16% lighter than traditional hard gels, with no sacrifice to durability!
  • Most natural feeling enhancement.
  • Stronger than hard gels, more flexible than acrylics.
  • Superior adhesion with no lifting or separation.

Want to see it for yourself? Check out the below video.

"PolyGel” French Tip Extensions£45.00

White French Tip finish. Nail shape of your choice.

“PolyGel” & Colour Nail Extensions£36.00

Coloured Gel Finish. Nail shape of your choice.

PolyGel & Colour Nail Overlay£32.00

A PolyGel overlay & Colour on your natural nail where no tips are applied.
Great for helping short nails grow longer or weak nails gain strength.

Maintenance of your PolyGel nails

To keep your nail extensions or overlay maintained in tip top condition we recommend and infill every 2-3 weeks. This will ensure your enhancements remain strong and no damage is caused to the natural nail

PolyGel Infill & Gelish Gel Colour (Up to 3 weeks) £29.00

File, infill, Gel Colour & protective top coat to restore your desired look.

PolyGel Infill & Gelish Gel Colour (Beyond 3 weeks) £36.00

File, infill, Gel Colour & protective top coat to restore your desired look.

PolyGel Removal

We DO NOT recommend you remove your enchantments at home as this WILL cause severe damage to your natural nails. Picking, Pulling or biting your PolyGel WILL cause damage that could take months to repair. We do advise you return to the salon for safe removal. As Polygel is a buff off system we do not remove the entire product and will leave a very thin layer on the nail. This ensures no damage is caused to the natural nail through over buffing.

PolyGel Removal & Gelish Gel Colour£33.00

Removal of existing PolyGel & Addition of Gelish Gel colour to natural nail.

PolyGel Removal & Tidy up£15.00

PolyGel removal, file, cuticle care, shape & a clear top coat for smart looking natural nails.

Nail Tip Repair£7.00 per nail

Has your Nail gone ping? Let me do my thing!

Appointments & Cancellations

Booking Fee of £5.50 required within 24 hours of appointment confirmation. £5.00 will be debited off the final invoice for all fulfilled appointments. Booking fee is non-refundable for all cancelled appointments or no shows. 48 hours notice required to change appointment date & time otherwise booking fee also non-refundable. Payment to be made by Bank Transfer or PayPal.

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